Jews and World War 2

Superb exhibition running in North Down Museum highlighting how Northern Ireland was a place of refuge for those fleeing from Nazi Germany.

The accompanying leaflet states :- “During the war, members of the Belfast Hebrew Congregation, now known as the Belfast Jewish Community, answered the call to defend our freedoms and many of their powerful testimonies are relived in the exhibition. “

It is a superb and for us unusual exhibition which is well worth a visit. Certainly bring the children along in order that the effects of tyranny are not forgotten through the generations.

Runs Tuesday 8 January to Sunday 3 February.

Bangor Hospital

Bangor hospital is inadequate for a town this size. Even it’s car park is not fit for purpose.

There was a campaign a few years ago asking it be replaced.

At the time two of our MLA’s had a role in the health remit at Stormont. They were found lacking.

Perhaps it’s time to revisit the provision of a hospital in Bangor, we deserve it.

Graffiti in Bangor

Shameful increase in graffiti around the town.

It seems Council can’t keep up with the very expensive task of removal.

Nonetheless it is a task that must be treated with urgency.

NIE Disruption

NIE tearing up our new pavements

NIE Contractors once again tearing up our new pavements in a number of places on Main Street and Abbey street. the issue apart from the disruption they are causing is will they reinstate the pavement with its concrete sub-floor correctly.

On Christmas eve we were in Menary’s having breakfast when the power failed , I presume this work is related to that failure.

When the work on Bangor’s pavements were being planned the statutory agencies were consulted. This was an opportunity for the likes of NIE to renew ageing cable network, sadly this does not seem to be the case resulting in our very expensive pavements being destroyed. If I had confidence that the work would be reinstated to the original specification then I would be happy, but I don’t!

I know that at the time of this Public realm work planning I did request that Phoenix would lay pipes to businesses, this i believe was refused.

NIE previous work at First Bangor remains incomplete, I have been in contact with one of our current Councillors who has assured me that reinstatement will be of a standard acceptable to Council. (Hoping that what is acceptable to Council is the original specification.)

The current disruption is the result of the lack of forward planning or even foresight on behalf of NIE.

Post Office Disappointing

This morning the oh so familiar something for you postcard is found on the door mat. Its almost got to a point where you feel they are playing a game.

With an Amazon delivery I am not only told the day the consignment is to arrive but before delivery a message pops up on the phone. It tells me the delivery man is so many stops away with a map displaying his actual current position. I can be waiting at the door to accept the delivery. What a contrast!

On Saturday we received two parcels, one from Amazon and another from a firm called Pavers. Neither were suitable and needed to be returned, bother!
Started the return process on Amazon and was presented with the printer free option, a QR code. All I needed to do was repackage the item and take to return location.
The other item came complete with returns labels, so again I repackaged the item and was about to stick on the label when I noticed 2 labels. One was the Post Office the other something “Connect” which I looked up on the internet and found my local location was the Mace on Brunswick Road.

The Amazon return location was Spar on Bransburn Road.

So at 6pm on Saturday evening I set out for Coffee and Shopping at Springhill passing both locations.

Mace on Brunswick was a very pleasant experience and the receipt was quickly handed over.
Similarly in Spar Bryansburn an equally pleasant guy demonstrated the QR label printing machine and handed me a receipt.

So to summarise, at 6pm on Saturday I arrived at Starbucks relaxed that both parcels were now being returned. I did not have to queue or pay parking or walk to the post office.

Post Office is no longer fit for purpose, it no longer fills the needs of a modern society. It has a massive technological deficit and is simply too expensive for the non-service it provides.

Bin Collections

Bin Collections 2018
Bin Collections 2018

Due to the Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays, the following schedule has been arranged:

Mon 24 Dec as normal
Tue  25 Dec moves to Wed 26 Dec
Wed 26 Dec moves to Thurs 27 Dec
Thurs 27 Dec moves to Fri 28 Dec

Mon 31 Dec as normal
Tue 1 Jan moves to Wed 2 Jan
Wed 2 Jan moves to Thurs 3 Jan
Thurs 3 Jan moves to Fri 4 Jan

Please make sure your container is set out for collection on the appropriate day by 7:00am

Household Waste Recycling Centres:

Opening times at Household Recycling Centres will vary during holiday periods. Periods following public holidays are likely to be busier than normal therefore delays can be expected. Ensure your waste is sorted before you arrive as recyclable waste cannot be landfilled in mixed bags

Household Recycling Centres at Balloo, Ballygowan, Comber, Donaghadee, Holywood, Kircubbin, Millisle, Newtownards and Portaferry will be closed on 24, 25 and 26 December 2018 and 1 January 2019. (Holywood is also closed on Thursday 27th as normal)

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

This Saturday, the first day of December is Small Business Saturday. Christmas is close and this is an opportunity to support you local businesses when purchasing those all important gifts.

By supporting Local Businesses you are upholding local jobs, supporting local families, bringing variety to your High Street, perhaps even helping the local council as the businesses pay rates. (Unlike the charity shops)

Small Business Saturday say they “want all kinds of small businesses to get involved, so know that whether you are a family business, local shop, online business, wholesaler, business service or small manufacturer, Small Business Saturday is supporting you! For all the ways you can get involved, check out the links below.”

Small Business Saturday

Graffiti on Toilet Block

In times gone past under North Down Borough Council the graffiti on the Toilet Block on Abbey street would already have been removed.

Unfortunately this is another indicator of how Bangor is being bypassed under this new administration.

I do appreciate that sometimes it is best to leave a short period between graffiti appearing and its removal, the thinking was that very prompt removal was seen as a challenge by those engaged in this disgusting behaviour.

Graffiti is an indicator of poor local environments along with litter, dog mess, dumped cars and the like. Bangor deserves better!