John Montgomery – UKIP Bangor Central

Hi I am John Montgomery, I am delighted to have been approved to stand as your representative for Bangor Central on Council on behalf of UKIP.

The “no local whip” policy in councils means UKIP councillors will always put local interests, not party or self interest first. Furthermore, UKIP Councillors will not be dictated to by the “politically correct” and will always stand up for local people and common sense. This is what attracted me to UKIP in the first place having suffered for my quest to represent the people rather than bow to party interests.

North Down and Ards Borough Council

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns related to me from both residents and Council is an overwhelming belief from many of those residents, that North Down is not given the priority it deserves. The reality is that current councillors do not have the strength, or perhaps commitment, to stand up for North Down and from my perspective Bangor in particular. Originally the name of the Borough was to be North Down and Ards but this was changed.

As with many others, I’ve scratched my head wondering why our MLAs at Stormont get paid generous salaries and expenses from the public purse (while not doing their job) at a time when services are stretched to breaking point.
We have elected representatives being paid to NOT make key decisions on important issues here.

Recently we faced inflation busting rate rises without seeing any benefit or improvement in the town. Indeed it would seem that within the term of the current Council little has changed to benefit Bangor. Somewhere! there is chronic waste of ratepayers money. On your behalf I would like the opportunity to investigate.

Some years ago I ran a small business in Bangor giving some insight into the issues faced by local traders. We all know the current issues; too many charity shops, Banks and Building societies. Shockingly, even the banks are leaving the Town Centre. The town needs help from council but even those who try innovative ways of promoting their business, such as McCullough’s, are thwarted by council. Then there is the chronic lack of convenient parking spaces.

UK Independence Party

If you have managed this far down the article, Thank You. I have previously served a number of times on North Down Borough Council as a Councillor and had the great honour of serving as Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Again I ask for your valuable vote to enable me to serve you once again with integrity.

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UKIP Pop Up Office Opens

UKIP Pop Up Shop

Opening of UKIP Pop Up Office

Very pleased to attend the official opening of the UKIP pop up shop/office in Belfast today.

A great opportunity to meet with old friends and just as importantly meet a lot of new ones. Once again UKIP is on the up under the leadership of Gerard Batten MEP.
Gerard has been an inspiration to us all and his recent performances in the media has equalled that of Nigel Farage.

Do consider joining with us in UKIP, we are the Unionist for all our nations within this United Kingdom.

UKIP Northern Ireland

Night At The Museum

North Down Museum Friday, 29 March 2019 from 18:00-21:00

Arts Night At The Museum

Experience art at North Down Museum!
The historic museum building will be filled with art for everyone to enjoy. Try clay work, painting, print-making and lots more. Take the opportunity to watch artists at work, get stuck in or just sit back, relax and enjoy the music!
This free event is fun for all the family.

Visit Brendan Jamisons work while there.

Town Hall in Sugar.

April 2019


As a learning resource for secondary level pupils, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland [ACNI] has created a short video interview with Brendan Jamison. The film series ties in with a new initiative of lending contemporary art to schools across Northern Ireland. Jamison states “the aim is to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers at a pivotal point in their education, helping to expand the minds of young people and encourage teenagers to dream of ambitious futures where they can bring creative magic to all aspects of society”. ACNI owns three of Jamison’s sculptures, one of which, a sugar cube carving of Sir Henry Tate’s Mausoleum, will be on show for six months at Belfast Model School for Girls. The exhibition, opening on Friday 5 April, is the much anticipated launch of the ACNI Art Lending Scheme for Schools.

Money to Burn

Inflation busting 2.9% rates rise

Inflation Busting Rates Rise

Ards and North Down Council has struck an inflation busting rate that is 60% above the current inflation rate according to media. This totals a reported 9% rise over the life of the current Council, at that rate Council should have money to burn at ratepayers expense.

Sadly North Down will not see much of this burn with most of the spend reportedly directed towards Ards. In any case this over inflation 2.9% rise cannot be justified.

I ask you? In the life of this current expanded council what benefit have you seen within North Down and Bangor in particular. “Not a lot” as a certain comedian would say. As previously stated more and more people both inside and outside Council are saying Ards rules! And that is where the spend is going.

With an election coming up it is important to elect to Council those who would stand up for Bangor and ensure it is promoted in the manner it deserves. A starting point is a declaration to support North Down And Ards as the name of the Borough.

Just as a footnote I asked one of our better current councillors to have the graffiti removed from Abbey Street toilet block, he was promised action before Christmas. It’s still there, another case of Bangor on the back foot.

5G and the Graffiti thugs

5G and the Graffiti Thugs

Graffiti thugs in action at West Church

You turn the corner and you see this outside a local church. Graffiti bullies in action again, degrading our town you think.

But then you realise it is actually a message from the dark ages, folk trying to impede progress. Not only that but they are doing it in such a way that is despicable outside a place of worship. How to win friends and influence people to your chosen point of view!

I am aware from Council days that others had entirely diverse views from myself, but this is not the way to promote any cause. It is vandalism and places the perpetrator on a level with the other thugs defacing our town. Banksy it is not.

5G is the future its aim, I think, is to provide home broadband speeds from your local telecoms mast.

Health issues are always a worry and must be fully addressed, proven or otherwise. Engaging in such scare tactics is simply repulsive.

Its That Time of Year Again

Its Dandelion Time Again

Premier location at Bangor Town entrance

Every year, it seems like, Some of us start to complain about the dandelion growth around the town.

Usually the greatest culprit is the Ring Road and the profusion of the colour yellow. This colourful display turns to white which then blows in the wind to our gardens. There the weed propagates

Sadly there are those who will tell us that the bees love the dandelions! however I carefully studied this theory last year and could not observe a single bee on our road verges enjoying all those contaminates on the dandelions. Some roadside honey anyone.

The picture above is the prominent display beside the Post Office, a prime location at the entrance to our Town. As some of you will be aware I complained about the profusion of weeds last year, seem no lessons have been learned. However!! perhaps Council has now become aware of that miracle new invention, weed killer I think it’s called.

That aside, would you think that even in the Ards Rules Council some North Down councillor would take the mater in hand. Perhaps it’s a case of they need removed, just like the weeds.

I do believe that if Council cannot maintain this display to even a minimum standard it should be replaced by one of the large screen displays which could advertise what’s happening in the Town.

North Down and Ards

North Down and Ards

Bangor is failing

Bangor is failing, first it was the Ulster Bank now Danske Bank is leaving our Main Street. We often complain that the town is full of Banks, Building Societies and charity Shops. At this rate it will only be Charity shops left to complain about, the ones who pay no rates!!

The rot really set in with the introduction of the Ards and North Down Council, we have been the underdogs ever since. North Down councillors couldn’t even support the originally proposed name let alone stand up for what our towns in North Down need.

Is it time therefore to return some pride to North Down, and perhaps return some Councillors with backbone, by campaigning to return the Boroughs name to what it was supposed to be.

It is noted by many, both inside Council and outside that Ards rules the roost. Time to send a clear message, North Down will no longer be put on the back foot. The name of this Borough is North Down and Ards.