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Bangor Christmas Markets

Bangor Christmas Market will take place this weekend – McKee Clock Arena on: 🎄Saturday 19th December 12pm – 6pm🎄Sunday 20th December 12pm – 4pm Numbers entering the site will be… Read more »

Christmas at McKees

Because I couldn’t be taken out for Christmas lunch I was given a take away dinner from McKees For someone who likes his dinner swimming in gravy, a little more… Read more »

No Negotiation?

Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words. The people of the United Kingdom as a whole voted to leave. There should be no differentiation between the region’s, anything else is… Read more »

Double Standards

Once again I have been banned from Facebook. Seems we can have ample pride in being any colour but white. White pride is apparently not permitted. A favour then! On… Read more »

Promote different fish

Apparently, our fisherman sell a lot of their catch to the EU. There are many species of fish caught that those on the continent eat, but are not popular in… Read more »

Fraud Warning

This from Ulster Bank:- Customers are reporting money being stolen from their accounts after they’ve responded to fake emails from parcel delivery companies, like DPD. Criminals are sending messages, pretending… Read more »

A Leader Such As This

As we look at Stormont with despair yet listen to other leaders, we realise we have elected fools capable only of lining their own pockets. Unionism lacks a true voice,… Read more »