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Still Remoaning

Those sad remoaners still harping on, still clinging to their discredited live jacket. They still promote the nonsense that the United Kingdom will fail, reality is something different. We will… Read more »

Soldier Unseen

Came across this on Facebook but could not share of find source, it is however an inspired production in memory of the fallen.

IKEA – I’M Annoyed

On a recent visit to IKEA I was able to compliment the restaurant staff on the service they provided and the friendly way in which service was given. Given the… Read more »

The Bearded Goat

Gives an idea how little I get out at the moment, didn’t even know this business existed. This from Caralyn Robson Throughout the crazy times we are living it is… Read more »

Je Suis Samuel

Rallies held to support beheaded Samuel Paty Protests have been held in Paris following the horrific Islamic murder of Samuel Paty. It cannot be right that western society allows such… Read more »

Paris Beheading – McCann

Excellent comment from Andrew McCann The angriest I ever remember my Mum over something connected with school was in the spring of 1981. Some of you may recall I’ve told… Read more »

Farry – The Diversion

Something about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result certainly applies here. This graphic comes from the Facebook page of someone who has blocked… Read more »