The lights are on but nobody’s in..

Stormont, the lights are on but!!!

Many of you will be enjoying a well earned rest today, you have worked hard and the time off is due.

Think of our MLA’s, getting paid but Stormont is empty. Why should this be? If you did nothing would you expect pay and a holiday, I don’t think so.

Like Stormont on this night, for so many MLA’s it a case of lights on but no one home.

Bangor – Abandoned to the weeds

Flower garden becomes weed garden.

Weed Garden at Bangor Post Office

Does anyone care anymore?

This flower display seem to be neglected nowadays, just like the weeds on our ring road it is now a profusion of weeds. Total disrespect to the organisation whose  25 year anniversary it is.

When in Council the relevant department started using spray to colour the grass rather than create a decent flower display. I did object at the time an improvements were made, but now apathy prevails.

Bearing in mind this is an entry point into the town it should be high profile  and a delight to the eye. Take the new signage in Holywood, quite different to the neglect within Bangor.

Perhaps what is needed is for the whole display to be removed and replaced with a large screen displaying what is happening in Bangor and other information. Similar to what was at Belfast City Hall.

It is sad that AND Council has adopted a couldn’t care less  attitude, this needs to change.

Banks Lane

Banks lane leading to Ballyholme beach needs a trim.

Banks Lane off Groomsport Road Bangor

To whom it may concern, Banks lane needs attention. The hedge is now becoming seriously over grown and needs cutting. Even the double yellow lines are being obscured.

From past experience the path leading into Castle Park adjacent to ourselves is the responsibility of the homeowner. Perhaps in this case the developer is responsible for Banks Lane. In any case whither responsibility is Council, Roads Service or developer users would appreciate action.

Miles and Miles

Would anyone care to explain!

On the road through the infamous bridge leading to Craigantlet, Phoenix gas is doing some pipe laying. Disruption is set to continue until August, this on top of the recent disruption due to a fool and his lorry trying to achieve the impossible.

My question is this! Why with miles upon miles of open countryside on either side of the road is it necessary to lay the pipe down the road itself.

if memory serves me correctly, many years ago, a certain telecoms company also travelled the same route due to unreasonable demands by farmers. I hope this in not the case here. RHI and all that!