Its That Time of Year Again

Its Dandelion Time Again

Premier location at Bangor Town entrance

Every year, it seems like, Some of us start to complain about the dandelion growth around the town.

Usually the greatest culprit is the Ring Road and the profusion of the colour yellow. This colourful display turns to white which then blows in the wind to our gardens. There the weed propagates

Sadly there are those who will tell us that the bees love the dandelions! however I carefully studied this theory last year and could not observe a single bee on our road verges enjoying all those contaminates on the dandelions. Some roadside honey anyone.

The picture above is the prominent display beside the Post Office, a prime location at the entrance to our Town. As some of you will be aware I complained about the profusion of weeds last year, seem no lessons have been learned. However!! perhaps Council has now become aware of that miracle new invention, weed killer I think it’s called.

That aside, would you think that even in the Ards Rules Council some North Down councillor would take the mater in hand. Perhaps it’s a case of they need removed, just like the weeds.

I do believe that if Council cannot maintain this display to even a minimum standard it should be replaced by one of the large screen displays which could advertise what’s happening in the Town.

North Down and Ards

North Down and Ards

Bangor is failing

Bangor is failing, first it was the Ulster Bank now Danske Bank is leaving our Main Street. We often complain that the town is full of Banks, Building Societies and charity Shops. At this rate it will only be Charity shops left to complain about, the ones who pay no rates!!

The rot really set in with the introduction of the Ards and North Down Council, we have been the underdogs ever since. North Down councillors couldn’t even support the originally proposed name let alone stand up for what our towns in North Down need.

Is it time therefore to return some pride to North Down, and perhaps return some Councillors with backbone, by campaigning to return the Boroughs name to what it was supposed to be.

It is noted by many, both inside Council and outside that Ards rules the roost. Time to send a clear message, North Down will no longer be put on the back foot. The name of this Borough is North Down and Ards.

Bangor Footpaths – The Hidden Truth

The concrete subfloor

What lies beneath

Recent posts highlight the damage done to our granite footpaths, I am also concerned at the lack of absolute assurance the the concrete subfloor will not be re established along with the granite.

The associated photos, I hope, illustrate the work and cost that went into the provision of this subfloor. It was a massive undertaking at public expense and cannot be allowed to be replaced with quarry dust and the like.

Exploring Enterprise 4 Programme

Enterprise 4 Programme

NDDO are recruiting for the Exploring Enterprise 4 Programme!!

Exploring Enterprise Programme (EEP) is a FREE programme which provides an insight into becoming self employed or allows you to take the first steps to gaining employment.
You don’t need to have a business to join and you can get a free qualification in business enterprise
Why not sign up for and get help to ‘explore’ your options of self employment or employment either on a part time or full time basis! now is YOUR time to explore YOUR options!

To be eligible for this programme you must be:
• Aged 16 or over
• Legally able to reside and work in the UK
• Unemployed/inactive or working/studying less than 16 hours per week; and
• Not participating in any other government funded programme
This is a free programme that helps you take the 1st steps to gaining employment or exploring your business idea further. Why not give us a call to find out more on 028 9127 1525 or email;
This is an Enterprise Northern Ireland initiative which is part funded through the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme 2014 – 2020, the Department for the Economy, Local Enterprise Agencies and Ards and North Down Borough Council

Emma Pearson
Business Development Manager
North Down Development Organisation Limited
Enterprise House
2-4 Balloo Avenue
Balloo Industrial Estate
Co. Down
BT19 7QT

Tel: 028 9127 1525
E Mail:
Facebook: @NDDOBusiness

Bees in a birdbox

When bees invade

The birdbox served well for many years until last summer some invaders arrived.

Bees seemed to need a new home and had a liking for the birdbox. The birdbox was located in the corner of the garden so we didn’t mind.

For whatever reason the bees suddenly disappeared. Now the box has been cleaned and sterilised ready for its normal occupants.

No honey


They just buzzed off.