Monthly Archives: May 2020

No respect for UDR

Many times both within Council and not, I have complained about the state of this feature area at the entrance to Bangor beside the Post Office. Often the display is… Read more »

Alex On Line

Our MLA is neither giving the committee the required oversight or scrutiny. Simply not the level of representation we expect from our politicians. There is however, another aspect of this… Read more »

County Down Spectator

It appears the local rag is back in production, surprised I am! Well, I suppose the real surprise was to receive an email from the Speculator.Still we live in hope… Read more »

Tipping Point

Every party or person who is the darling of the people can only remain so as long as they have the confidence of their electorate. Perpetual scandals and poor government… Read more »

Enterprise Nation £5000 Grants

NDDO New grant opportunity of £5k from Enterprise Nation in partnership with Sales Force, for UK based businesses. The application process opens today (18th May) for Northern Ireland companies, closing… Read more »

Blue For Nurses

Shine a light for nurses! DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 11 May 2020 Health Minister Thanks ‘Courageous’ Nurses Health Minister Robin Swann has thanked Northern Ireland’s ‘courageous’ nurses and midwives for their… Read more »

On Yer Bike!

When Grant Shapps the Transport Secretary came to the podium on 9 May I was for the first time disappointed. In fact I could scarcely believe my ears, here we… Read more »

Then and Now

Came across this graphic on the internet, though it portrays the British spirit had how it transcends the years. At this time of great hardship for our nation the NHS… Read more »