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Letter to local media from a concerned resident:-

I wanted to share my thoughts about Bangor Central primary school being moved to the Balloo Road.

Balloo Road has NOTHING to offer by way of an educational setting. The town centre has Asda, which they visit every year for topics, it has Castle Park and all that it holds, the children can walk down to Ward Park and the library, down the coast for a topic on the sea and beach. They can do traffic observations in a very controlled environment. safe

The children walk to and from swimming. With all this being so accessible it means unnecessary costs aren’t passed onto parents. Do you think there will be all these danders down the coast or to Ward Park after it’s moved? I’d put money on all these things being cut back. Schools aren’t allowed to go on unlimited trips’ where transportation is needed, they can have one transport trip per term. Schools are rationed to make it fair.

Where it is at the minute means Booms studios and YMCA childcare are easily accessible along with all these other things.

All this before we mention the issues of increasing traffic in an already heavily congested area. The Balloo Road which feeds on Gransha Road already services at least three quarters of primary schools and Bangor Grammar, not to mention the employees who work at Bloomfield Shopping Centre. All trying to get somewhere for 8.45am to 9am.

Local residents can be stuck trying to get onto the Balloo Road for 10 to 15 minutes on a morning as it is, do we really need to exacerbate this issue further by adding yet another school of almost 700 children into the mix?

I hope that we can reverse this plan, and keep Bangor Central’ central.

Yours etc.,



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