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This item from Private Eye is excellent.

SAINSBURY’s is celebrating Black History Month by boasting that it doesn’t tolerate racism. “We proudly represent and serve our diverse society,” the supermarket giant tweeted on 1 October, “and anyone who does not want to shop with an inclusive retailer is welcome to shop elsewhere.”

Sainsbury’s doesn’t extend this message to its owners, however. More than a fifth of the company (21.99 percent) is controlled by Qatar – the Gulf state accused by a UN report in July this year of practising “structural racial discrimination” through a “de facto caste system based on national origin”, under which Europeans, North Americans, Australians and Arabs “systematically enjoy greater human rights protections than South Asian and sub-Saharan African nationalities”.

If the virtue-signalling “inclusive retailer” has any objections to the regime that is by far its largest shareholder, it hasn’t seen fit to mention them.

Private Eye

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