QVC and the Irish Question

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Many in our family have followed QVC UK for years. Initially, because we were the only ones with a satellite receiver, we would have party nights at our house when a Liz Earle TSV was due. Much fun would be made of the muslin cloths.

Similarly, as is the case here, the Butler and Wilson TSV was eagerly awaited. We even visited the shop in London and saw the man himself behind the counter.

It is surprising that despite all the troubles and even recent publicity as a location for Game of Thrones etc even our own people get it wrong. Glasgow-born Simon Wilson should perhaps know better.

Despite claiming to have produced pins representing our four nations Butler and Wilson produced an item with the Republic of Ireland flag adorned with a crown. Apart from the obvious mistake of a Republic with a crown, Northern Ireland was not included. This prompted an angry call from a QVC viewer who was livid at the error.

In addition the above comment from QVC website says it all!

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