Farry – The Diversion

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Something about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result certainly applies here.

This graphic comes from the Facebook page of someone who has blocked me some time ago. It highlights to me the basic problem that concentrating of the activities of Farry, who the dogs in the street know is a Republican, rather than address the fundamental issue is getting Unionism nowhere.

Farry and his SFAlliance party have adopted any deviant cause in order to gain votes. Supporting the murder of the innocents through abortion is just one aspect. Obviously the relationship with Republicans is concerning to Unionists but many seem able to vote for Alliance probably because of their variance from core British values.

The point is however, that concentration on Farry by Unionism within North Down masks the real issue. That being the lack of MP candidate who commands the respect of all within this area who could acquire the seat for Unionism. As mentioned previously its all very well backslapping glad handing around the estates but North Down is much wider than that and requires a candidate with broad support.

Such a person is not currently obvious but needs to be put in place with utmost urgency, a week is a long time in politics and an election could be called unexpectedly.

The need is to concentrate energy in replacing Farry and indeed his flock in Town Hall at the earliest opportunity.

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