Post Office Disappointing

This morning the oh so familiar something for you postcard is found on the door mat. Its almost got to a point where you feel they are playing a game.

With an Amazon delivery I am not only told the day the consignment is to arrive but before delivery a message pops up on the phone. It tells me the delivery man is so many stops away with a map displaying his actual current position. I can be waiting at the door to accept the delivery. What a contrast!

On Saturday we received two parcels, one from Amazon and another from a firm called Pavers. Neither were suitable and needed to be returned, bother!
Started the return process on Amazon and was presented with the printer free option, a QR code. All I needed to do was repackage the item and take to return location.
The other item came complete with returns labels, so again I repackaged the item and was about to stick on the label when I noticed 2 labels. One was the Post Office the other something “Connect” which I looked up on the internet and found my local location was the Mace on Brunswick Road.

The Amazon return location was Spar on Bransburn Road.

So at 6pm on Saturday evening I set out for Coffee and Shopping at Springhill passing both locations.

Mace on Brunswick was a very pleasant experience and the receipt was quickly handed over.
Similarly in Spar Bryansburn an equally pleasant guy demonstrated the QR label printing machine and handed me a receipt.

So to summarise, at 6pm on Saturday I arrived at Starbucks relaxed that both parcels were now being returned. I did not have to queue or pay parking or walk to the post office.

Post Office is no longer fit for purpose, it no longer fills the needs of a modern society. It has a massive technological deficit and is simply too expensive for the non-service it provides.