NIE Disruption

NIE tearing up our new pavements

NIE Contractors once again tearing up our new pavements in a number of places on Main Street and Abbey street. the issue apart from the disruption they are causing is will they reinstate the pavement with its concrete sub-floor correctly.

On Christmas eve we were in Menary’s having breakfast when the power failed , I presume this work is related to that failure.

When the work on Bangor’s pavements were being planned the statutory agencies were consulted. This was an opportunity for the likes of NIE to renew ageing cable network, sadly this does not seem to be the case resulting in our very expensive pavements being destroyed. If I had confidence that the work would be reinstated to the original specification then I would be happy, but I don’t!

I know that at the time of this Public realm work planning I did request that Phoenix would lay pipes to businesses, this i believe was refused.

NIE previous work at First Bangor remains incomplete, I have been in contact with one of our current Councillors who has assured me that reinstatement will be of a standard acceptable to Council. (Hoping that what is acceptable to Council is the original specification.)

The current disruption is the result of the lack of forward planning or even foresight on behalf of NIE.