North Down and Ards

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North Down and Ards

Bangor is failing

Bangor is failing, first it was the Ulster Bank now Danske Bank is leaving our Main Street. We often complain that the town is full of Banks, Building Societies and charity Shops. At this rate it will only be Charity shops left to complain about, the ones who pay no rates!!

The rot really set in with the introduction of the Ards and North Down Council, we have been the underdogs ever since. North Down councillors couldn’t even support the originally proposed name let alone stand up for what our towns in North Down need.

Is it time therefore to return some pride to North Down, and perhaps return some Councillors with backbone, by campaigning to return the Boroughs name to what it was supposed to be.

It is noted by many, both inside Council and outside that Ards rules the roost. Time to send a clear message, North Down will no longer be put on the back foot. The name of this Borough is North Down and Ards.

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