5G and the Graffiti thugs

5G and the Graffiti Thugs

Graffiti thugs in action at West Church

You turn the corner and you see this outside a local church. Graffiti bullies in action again, degrading our town you think.

But then you realise it is actually a message from the dark ages, folk trying to impede progress. Not only that but they are doing it in such a way that is despicable outside a place of worship. How to win friends and influence people to your chosen point of view!

I am aware from Council days that others had entirely diverse views from myself, but this is not the way to promote any cause. It is vandalism and places the perpetrator on a level with the other thugs defacing our town. Banksy it is not.

5G is the future its aim, I think, is to provide home broadband speeds from your local telecoms mast.

Health issues are always a worry and must be fully addressed, proven or otherwise. Engaging in such scare tactics is simply repulsive.