Bangor – Abandoned to the weeds

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Flower garden becomes weed garden.

Weed Garden at Bangor Post Office

Does anyone care anymore?

This flower display seem to be neglected nowadays, just like the weeds on our ring road it is now a profusion of weeds. Total disrespect to the organisation whose  25 year anniversary it is.

When in Council the relevant department started using spray to colour the grass rather than create a decent flower display. I did object at the time an improvements were made, but now apathy prevails.

Bearing in mind this is an entry point into the town it should be high profile  and a delight to the eye. Take the new signage in Holywood, quite different to the neglect within Bangor.

Perhaps what is needed is for the whole display to be removed and replaced with a large screen displaying what is happening in Bangor and other information. Similar to what was at Belfast City Hall.

It is sad that AND Council has adopted a couldn’t care less  attitude, this needs to change.

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