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Every party or person who is the darling of the people can only remain so as long as they have the confidence of their electorate. Perpetual scandals and poor government can lead to a point where the people are no longer prepared to overlook misdeeds. Shall we call it the tipping point where even the most loyal of supporters see themselves as vote fodder and nothing else.

They see through the “them and us” cries as just a cover for a party with nothing to offer the Unionist people of Northern Ireland.

From John Yates

Myself and others have shown consistently that we are prepared to work with the DUP for the benefit of Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and our people, but we are not prepared to work with spin, swindle, fudge, roll-over and capitulation merchants …….

Whilst we believe in “FREE-WILL,” and stand by anyone’s right to choose, we ask you to examine, to what you are willing to lend your support?

I wish I could argue with Edward Cook and his latest analysis with reference the DUP, but I can’t …..

Today I’d like you to think of the DUP, like theUUP before them, as the “OSTRICH PARTY” of Northern Ireland.

Most people will agree, for the purpose of describing the DUPs blind-eye approach to IRA linked Sinn Féin’s dismantling of Northern Ireland as, the DUP burying their heads in the sand, well, except the “Armagh One,” no doubt he will argue in black crow is white fashion, that things are going swimmingly!

Who do we blame for destroying Northern Ireland and by extension the United Kingdom?

I believe we are coming very close to having to fight tooth and nail with the DUP.

Consistently, behind the scenes we have attempted to get the DUP to get up off the grovelling knees and fight back, defending, protecting and enhancing Northern Ireland, but the only people the DUP want to fight with, are those from within the British Unionist Community who have been railroaded to a place where they have to remind the DUP, they are failing Northern Ireland miserably ……

I best be careful I don’t upset the DUP too much, as I’ve seen one leading DUP member trying to cause friction between myself and the Loyalist Community. Of course, I’ve taken a screenshot, of this malicious abuse of power , shown it to others and duly marked his card.

The DUP are obviously making a total hash of things ……. we will continue to push them for a people politician partnership. A conglomerate of people from a broad section of the British Unionist Community who’s job it will be to scrutinise every political aspect of what’s done in the name of the Northern Ireland British Unionist electorate.” Who’s job it will be to advise our political leaders and to highlight their shortcomings to the British Unionist People.

If the DUP, as per past experience fob-us-off, then, highlighting the DUPs inadequacies is, would you believe, not only “OUR DUTY” as British Unionists, but our ABSOLUTE RIGHT as voters who have been totally shafted, time, time and time again.

It is our inalienable right to hold our “Politicians To Account,” and no amount of manufactured legislation dressed up as something else can take this right away from a citizen …….

Of course some people will be on the side of the DUP as they stand idly by and watch the DUP capitulate and facilitate Sinn Féin’s every agitation, to those people I ask one question, “whilst I would stand up for your absolute right to choose, your FREE-WILL, what are you trying to protect, are you sure it’s Northern Ireland”?

Things are not good people and I believe, we have to have this fight with our political leaders, otherwise a whole lot of history will be lost and gone forever.

Remember, it is “OUR ABSOLUTE RIGHT AS CITIZENS, VOTERS,” to hold our politicians to account, isn’t it time we used this right?

Please register your interest in helping us begin a process of holding “CORRUPTION AND CAPITULATION” to account …… you can do so publicly or by private message.

  • John Yates

Edward Cooke writes ……

Deluded Foster

Here’s the nature of the beast that the DUP and the UUP have gotten into bed with. On TV last night the Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey when asked about here department’s role on dealing with the problems in sport in NI, the harpy’s first reaction was to push for an All Ireland strategy in sport!? There is no issue today, no matter how insignificant, that SF will address in the context of Northern Ireland, the state of NI does not function for them, every single opportunity since the January New Deal was signed they, SF, have taken to denigrate the existence of Northern Ireland except that is when going to the treasury with the DUP to rob blind the British taxpayer’s. May I suggest that you can’t take the British coin and hand over the management of public resources to another countrie’s government, a government who does not pay for the provision of the service!?

And what was Mrs Fosters response on UTV News, well she argued that the DUP and SF are working well in the NI Executive!? Is she delusional, does she actually believe that the NI Executive have worked well, or does she simply imagine the unionist voters are stupid? I imagine Mrs Foster cannot argue any differently, it was her decision in January to cojoin SF in government how could she three months later tell the DUP membership and unionist voters that power sharing has been an unmitigated disaster. Every step of the way SF has pushed their all Ireland strategy from within government, this strategy has been facilitated by the DUP and UUP who provided SF with the political platform to promote unification on a day and daily basis. Not only that, but at every step SF have denigrated the DUP, the UUP and the British government’s handling of the pandemic. And this Mrs Foster thinks has been positive for the unionist community?! The unionist voters need to be reminded that the next time they vote for the DUP and UUP, the unionists also vote for two unionist parties that will share power with SF and in doing so they provide SF with daily opportunities to advance unification within policies and legislative forums and to promote unification on our nightly news broadcasts thereby giving the SF voters a renewing sense of belief!

  • Edward Cooke

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