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It appears the local rag is back in production, surprised I am! Well, I suppose the real surprise was to receive an email from the Speculator.
Still we live in hope for an improvement on the usual fare of politicians looking down a hole, collecting rubbish or pointing at weeds. Perhaps the reporters could move on to highlighting the online purchases of local MLA’s. I suppose in their defence, if politicians only activity is looking down a hole, collecting rubbish or pointing at weeds then what’s a reporter to do?

Neil Evans comments:-

From all at County Down Spectator, Newtownards Chronicle and Mourne Observer can I express our hopes that you, your family and your business are as healthy as can be expected at this time. We are delighted to inform you that we will be recommencing the publishing of our three local titles next week, 27th and 28th May.

With the value of local community more important now than at any time, as ever the papers will be full of all of the local news, views and information which affects you, and which is unique to your community.

As both the local community papers of record and  a local business ourselves, we are acutely aware of our role in helping local business to re-launch, as government restrictions are lifted and we all work together to re-start the local economy.

To that end we have produced a Local Business Re-Launch Promotion Package to help local businesses of all sizes  take their message to the community as re-opening commences. ( The information is at the bottom of this message ). This promotion will run for several weeks to assist as best possible the local economy to find its feet, and also to inform our readers, your customers, as to what is happening and what is available to them. The heavily subsidised promotional offers reflect our understanding of the challenge that we all face.

Added to that, for every paper bought during our promotional period, 10p will be contributed to a local cause.

Every paper bought will also allow free access to the online digital copy of the paper, for multi-use.   

We would also like to hear from you with any stories that we can share with our readers as to your experiences and plans at this time.

Please contact us on,, or, and we can discuss all options.

Apologies for the slightly impersonal approach to my message, as we are attempting to reach out to every local business from North Down to Ards and South Down. Any suggestions or queries that you have about this promotion or the papers in general please feel free to contact .