No respect for UDR

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Many times both within Council and not, I have complained about the state of this feature area at the entrance to Bangor beside the Post Office. Often the display is substandard surrounded by a grassy border filled with weeds, seems no one has come across a lawn maintenance product perhaps Greensward etc.

It is my view, in consequence of Councils inability to properly attend to this flower bed, is that Council should provide one of those large screen video displays promoting whatever cause is appropriate and other local information. Perhaps promoting the many excellent local businesses.

On this occasion however, we find an utter disrespect for the proud men and women who served and died in defence of Northern Ireland. There is simply no excuse for the lack of maintenance, Covid or not, given the sacrifice this regiment has made on behalf of us all.

Let us remind ourselves of the ongoing campaign against the UDR where 197 UDR Officers and Soldiers were killed between 01 April 1970 and 30 June 1992. A further 61 Ex-soldiers were murdered after they had resigned from the Regiment.

This neglected display shames our current Councillors, MLA’s and MP who seem to care little about its significance, It surprises me that none, it seems, have made the necessary demands to have this situation resolved. Especially when work carries on elsewhere.

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