Unborn Lives Matter

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CBRNI outside Stephen Farry MP office

On Saturday 20 June CBRNI visited Bangor to witness the effect of policy endorsed by the local MP Stephen Farry.

From their webpage CBR NI describe themselves as not just another pro-life group in Northern Ireland. “We are a collection of people from across the county who are united in our desire to bring a full and absolute end to abortion in our country.”

“On Saturday the 20th of June the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform took to the streets of Bangor, County Down to highlight the pro abortion stance of their MP, Stephen Farry.

Since 2018 Mr Farry has become a poster boy for pro abortion groups like Alliance for Choice and Amnesty International, cementing his place as one of Northern Ireland’s, if not the UK’s, most eminent pro abortion politicians. Indeed, he has been a key player in Westminster’s imposition of an abortion regime that goes far beyond the 1967 abortion act in England and Wales.”


CBR in Northern Ireland

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