CBRNI Asks Where’s Farry?

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Shown below is a press statement from CBRNI which local media don’t seem to wish to publish, presumably they have no desire to offend a certain party and its Linfield Supporting MP!!

CBRNI intend to return to Bangor at 1pm on Saturday at bank buildings and would welcome the support of any pro life folk in the town.

Within the article is a request to sign a petition asking for the MP’s removal, please sign and share this post.

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CBRNI Press Statement

The pro-life movement has continued to grow this week in Bangor as the constituency’s pro-abortion MP has continued to ignore his constituents.

After their display on Saturday the 27th of June was subjected to considerable aggressive verbal abuse from a number of abortion supporters, the display on the 4th of July passed without major incident.

The CBR NI display outside the old bank building

The peaceful manner in which the display passed off can be partially attributed to the hands-off approach taken by the PSNI this week, as well as a lack of interference from Alliance Party activists such as Councillor Connie Egan, who last week labelled the image of a living child as ‘graphic’ and ‘distressing’. However, the main difference that could be seen was the large increase in people coming out to offer CBR NI their support.

In particular, members of Let Them Live preached the Gospel on Bangor’s Main Street. The result was that the horrific reality of abortion as well as the hope and forgiveness can be found in Jesus Christ was on display for all to see and hear.

A member of Let Them Live shares the Gospel

Also speaking out was a local Christian lady who had been through two abortions. She spoke passionately about the damage that the abortions had done to her and how she found healing and forgiveness through Jesus.

A local lady shared her experience of having two abortions.

A spokesman for CBR NI said: “After a difficult week last week it was so pleasing to see so many people come out in support of our display on Saturday. In particular, we are delighted that members of Let Them Live came out to share the Gospel in Bangor.

“We are all too aware that although our images show the undeniable humanity of the unborn child many people walk away from our displays still supporting abortion. For us it is a clear indication that this issue is not just one of science but also of sin. To convince the head you sometimes have to start with the heart.

“This week we will launch the ‘Stop Ignoring Me’ campaign calling on Mr Farry to trigger a by-election in North Down. It is clear that people in North Down have had enough of being ignored on this issue.”

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