Which Unionist Leader Compares?

While our MLA hunts for bargains online during important health committee this is the level of representation the Irish people receive against SF/IRA. The only possible exception is Jim Allister.

Amazon! Northern Ireland

Its getting very annoying! The exclusion by Amazon Prime of so many items for delivery to Northern Ireland is beginning to look like racism. Yesterday the banned item for the… Read more »

Bangor Coastal Path

Good news from the Department of Infrastructure in the form of a £25,000 investment in our coastal path. The investment involves widening in the vicinity of Stricklands Glen and will… Read more »

Sixth Article Of Union

That it be the sixth article of union, that his Majesty’s subjects of Great Britain and Ireland shall, from and after the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred… Read more »

Shop Orange

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland have an online shop filled with loyal goodies, give them a try! https://www.goli.org.uk/shop

Not Black Enough?

Lawyer Javier Ordonez, 46 dies after begging Colombian cops for mercy as they repeatedly Taser him ‘for breaking social distancing rules’. There was outrage in Columbia but nothing worldwide that… Read more »