Rebuild, Recover and Compete

This programme is one of a number of initiatives designed to support the Northern Ireland industry to rebuild, recover and compete in this changed environment – providing assistance to eligible… Read more »

NatWest’s #GEW10K Challenge

The NatWest #GEW10K Challenge will help entrepreneurs perfect their 60-second pitch. With the chance for one business to win £10,000 funding.NatWest Business Builder will be running free virtual pitching workshops… Read more »

Business Recovery Support

This from Council:- Local businesses are invited to sign up for an upcoming series of Business Recovery Support webinars, designed to help businesses in the borough adapt during the pandemic…. Read more »

Brilliant news from Moderna

More superb news on the Covid Vaccine front with the announcement of a nearly 95% successful product from Moderna. It is a remarkable achievement to have now two similarly successful… Read more »

Clarks to close

Sad to see another of our long standing business close. Despite the vast sums of money spent on public realm work shops continue to disappear. I seem to have difficulty… Read more »

50,000 Covid Deaths in UK

The arguments circulate, did thy die from Covid or did they die with Covid. We often hear the term “heat or eat” implying that for many pensioners its a choice… Read more »

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

This from the royal family website. A four-day Bank Holiday weekend to mark The Queen’s Platinum (70th) Jubilee has been announced for June 2022. Further plans to mark the occasion… Read more »


It is fitting, that given the service and sacrifice of our Nation by those who bravely put on a uniform and served in our armed forces, they are remembered. It… Read more »

NHS Tribute in Bangor

Delighted to see this tribute to NHS workers displayed in Bangor. Many healthcare workers reside in the town and are worthy of our respect and admiration. It is fitting that… Read more »