Dawn Crothers Summer Art School


Dawn Crothers Summer Art School

Hello there!! Hope you are well and enjoying the amazing weather we have been having!! I’m very pleased to announce my summer children’s art class and workshop schedule for July & August 2018. My classes have been very popular with those who have attended over the past number of years and I am currently developing this side of my business to facilitate as many children of various age groups. I hope there will be something for everyone and have also organised a couple of visits to the Ulster Museum to teach the children a bit more about other artists and help them to appreciate the cultural world around them!
Many thanks again for your continued support and look forward to working with your little/ big ones over the summer… I’m sure you’ll have some masterpieces to hang in those empty spaces at home by September!! Many thanks Dawn x


Mylo is missing

Mylo is missing

Mylo lives on Abbey Park and has been missing from 11pm on 8 June 2018

10 month old, yellow eyes, light ginger with white chest and feet. Mylo is also microchipped and neutered.

Please check your garages, sheds etc in case Mylo has been locked inside.

Any sightings of Mylo can be reported to Vicki on 07541913189

Mylo is missing

Mylo is missing

Mylo lives on Abbey Park and has been missing from 11pm on 8 June 2018

10 month old, yellow eyes, light ginger with white chest and feet. Mylo is also microchipped and neutered.

Please check your garages, sheds etc in case Mylo has been locked inside.

Any sightings of Mylo can be reported to Vicki on 07541913189

Earthquake in the vicinity of Hull and Grimsby


A 3.9-magnitude earthquake centred in north-east Lincolnshire has been felt 60 miles away

According to the  British Geological Survey  it occured at 23:14 BST on Saturday, epicentre in Grimsby at a depth of 11 miles.

The question is how are the Green Party going to blame this on fracking?

Trooping The Colour

HM The Queen

Her Majesty the Queen is quite the trooper herself, standing on parade would be a task that would daunt people half her age.

We are so lucky to have her as our Monarch.

The Wee Yaris

“The Wee Yaris”

Some years ago we purchased a Toyota Yaris from Charles Hurst. For some time afterwards we would receive periodic calls from Hurst’s enquiring how the “We Yaris” was behaving. A short time after purchase we had an issue where the memory stick would not work, the guy from service had a look at the stick pronouncing it was probably corrupt after blowing int it. Probably not a great idea to tell someone who fixed TV, Videos, Hi Fi’s and builds his own computers that his memory stick was corrupt.  Anyway, after contacting Toyota within the showroom the problem was eventually sorted!!

I should also mention that a while back “The Wee Yaris” was subject of a recall due to an air bag issue and was given the once over. In that assessment the technician mentioned the tyres were crinkling, just like the skin does with aging.

Recently “The Wee Yaris” had a problem, a completely flat rear tyre. When inflated a hissing noise was heard which was traced to the valve stem. No problem I thought so I rang a downtown tyre depot. Despite decades of experience they could not tell me how much it would be for a valve stem but would probably be in the range of £25 to a hundred and something. Thought they should know and surmised a minimum of £25 was a bit steep.

Drove round to the national chain, who said ok, so I sat and waited. Guy comes in and escorts me to “The Wee Yaris” and points out the crinkling. Proclaims we need four new tires, I protest that Toyota were aware and that the car had passed its MOT a couple of months ago. To no avail the guy point blank refused to fit a valve stem.

Attempt number three at a nearby tyre depot! No problem take a seat. While waiting a technician comes in and speaks to another customer, you need something (I couldn’t hear) he said. Customer responds “it was through MOT 4 days ago”, technician sales ploy fail!
Some time afterwards the technician approaches, “The Wee Yaris” needs new tires. I repeat the Toyota, MOT comment, technician backs away proclaiming he would not be happy to drive on the tires. The other customer rolls his eyes when hearing the sales pitch. Anyway I leave with the new valve stem fitted and a remarkable bill of £4.

“The Wee Yaris” is rarely used and certainly not driven at speed, there is little wear on the tread given the low mileage on the car.

The point is!! I could have been considerably out of pocket as could another customer. The state says our cars are fit for use on our roads, yet the unwary could be spending so much more than they need to. Seems a visit to a tyre depot can cause unnecessary harm to your wallet.

The private parking firms have been described as the wild west of the industry, perhaps the tyre replacement industry can be described in similar terms. Or perhaps is it the motor car industry in general ?

Your experiences?


The lights are on but nobody’s in..

Stormont, the lights are on but!!!

Many of you will be enjoying a well earned rest today, you have worked hard and the time off is due.

Think of our MLA’s, getting paid but Stormont is empty. Why should this be? If you did nothing would you expect pay and a holiday, I don’t think so.

Like Stormont on this night, for so many MLA’s it a case of lights on but no one home.

Bangor – Abandoned to the weeds

Flower garden becomes weed garden.

Weed Garden at Bangor Post Office

Does anyone care anymore?

This flower display seem to be neglected nowadays, just like the weeds on our ring road it is now a profusion of weeds. Total disrespect to the organisation whose  25 year anniversary it is.

When in Council the relevant department started using spray to colour the grass rather than create a decent flower display. I did object at the time an improvements were made, but now apathy prevails.

Bearing in mind this is an entry point into the town it should be high profile  and a delight to the eye. Take the new signage in Holywood, quite different to the neglect within Bangor.

Perhaps what is needed is for the whole display to be removed and replaced with a large screen displaying what is happening in Bangor and other information. Similar to what was at Belfast City Hall.

It is sad that AND Council has adopted a couldn’t care less  attitude, this needs to change.

Banks Lane

Banks lane leading to Ballyholme beach needs a trim.

Banks Lane off Groomsport Road Bangor

To whom it may concern, Banks lane needs attention. The hedge is now becoming seriously over grown and needs cutting. Even the double yellow lines are being obscured.

From past experience the path leading into Castle Park adjacent to ourselves is the responsibility of the homeowner. Perhaps in this case the developer is responsible for Banks Lane. In any case whither responsibility is Council, Roads Service or developer users would appreciate action.